Screen Enclosures are Especially Important in Florida

Whether you live in Florida year round, travel as a snow bird, or have just visited Florida once or twice for an enjoyable beach getaway, you’re most likely familiar with the sight of large screened enclosures covering the majority of backyard pools. These structures are critical in the south for a number of reasons that enhance a homeowner’s ability to enjoy his backyard pool.

poolenclosure-1What are Screen Enclosures?

Pool enclosures are tall aluminum structures that enclose your pool in screens to protect the water, the swimmers, and all of your beautiful décor from the outside elements. They can be created and constructed in just about any size and design imaginable, so they can be perfect for any style home.

Keep Bad Weather Outside

Florida is the sunshine state, but even Floridians need some shelter from the sun. Tampa screen rooms help to offset the harsh sun while still allowing full light and comfortable warmth to come through. With a pool enclosure, wind and rain are no longer problems either because the screen provides protection.

Simplify Pool Cleaning Efforts

Pool clean up isn’t pretty in unprotected Florida pools. Bugs, leaves, dirt, frogs, and other elements of nature blow in every night and cause extra work in the morning. But tampa pool enclosures help to keep pools beautiful and clean so that you can jump in and cool off without any preparation or stress.

Avoid Bugs

Mosquitos aren’t exactly man’s best friend. Rather than sitting poolside in the late afternoon and evening swatting at your arms and legs, you can enjoy a completely bug-free zone with the help of a pool enclosure. It makes your entire swimming experience so much more enjoyable!


Rest easy knowing that your children or other neighborhood kids and pets can run around outside without gaining access to your pool and accidentally falling in. Screen enclosures make pools a much safer place and reduce the possibility of injuries.

If you’re going to invest in a pool, go all the way and invest in a pool enclosure as well!