Important Considerations For Child Packaging Safety

A combination of legislation, liability, and common decency makes child resistant packaging strategies incredibly important to any product manufacturer and packaging company. This began in 1970, when the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) first required certain household substances to be packaged in a way that was capable of resisting a child’s attempt to open it. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission was granted the authority to regulate these cartoning machine and packaging requirements, and over the years additional chemicals and products have been added to the list.

The list of items requiring child-resistant case packers are currently very extensive. Examples include any chemical or cosmetic product containing 10 percent or more by weight of petroleum distillates, dry products that contain 10 percent or more by weight of sodium or potassium hydroxide, and mouthwash containing 3 grams or more of ethanol. The following list outlines the different methods that manufacturers can use to make their products reliably child-resistant.  

Blister Cartons

An innovative folding box with blister cartons was recently developed by a company in Italy to prevent children from accessing dangerous medications. It looks like a standard folding box, but it actually has a locking system that comes complete with a key. This makes it impossible for children to open even if they get their hands on the box, but adults who lose the key can utilize a pen cap for an easy case packing machine replacement. It is even made with cardboard that cannot be torn, so children cannot override the locking device.

Child Resistant Pouches

This pouch tackles the important task of disposing of toxic drugs in a safe manner. Designed by Bemis Healthcare Packaging, this pouch is specifically designed to hold transdermal patches and inhalers, like ones that contain highly toxic opioids such as fentanyl. It utilizes special blown film technologies and lamination to ensure that the pouch cannot be compromised once sealed.

Roll-On Bottles

Many pharmaceutical products are available in roll-on bottles as well, which requires child-resistant closures. A few companies have developed white cylinders that use child-resistant closures proven to not only protect the products, but also make it impossible for children to accidentally access.

Nasal Pump

One last type of pharmaceutical packaging with recent child-resistance developments is the nasal pump. The innovation for this new packaging was triggered by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, enacting a new requirement for all over-the-counter and prescription drugs containing imidazolines to be child-resistant.

VASERlipo® WIll Get Your Body Beach-Ready

Summer can be a stressful and unwelcome time if you feel unhappy with the appearance of your body. Maybe you are having trouble losing the belly fat from your last pregnancy, or perhaps you want to slim and contour the parts of your body that have been stubbornly storing fat for years. Either way, VASERlipoo® offers a way to gently and effectively eliminate fat to create a smooth, naturally beautiful look with only a minimally-invasive procedure.  Always get this advice from a board certified plastic surgeon Tampa before committing.

SmartLipo Harnesses Ultrasound Energy

VASERlipoo® utilizes ultrasound frequency energy to remove stubborn fat, which makes it a much less invasive procedure than traditional liposuction. Your targeted areas, such as the stomach, thighs, or hips, are injected with a special saline solution to numb the area and shrink local blood vessels. This also expands the volume of the target area temporarily, which makes fat cells easier to remove. Small probes are then inserted into the body through tiny incisions.

The probes give off high ultrasound frequency energy to shake fat cells loose while leaving surrounding tissue intact. As the fat cells shake lose, they mix with the saline solution and are removed from the body using special cannulas. Beyond this unwanted fat being removed from your body, VASERlipo® actually stimulates the skin to retract during the healing process to create smooth, natural results.

Other Perks of VASER®

Since VASERlipo® is a customizable body sculptor, it eliminates fat exactly where you need it to like with a tampa mommy makeover. Better yet, it manages to contour your body and smooth your skin in just one minimally invasive procedure. Unlike standard liposuction, which is more invasive and requires a suction probe to be inserted through small incisions to push and pull fat layers until they break up, VASERlipo® simply liquefies small or large areas of fat that can be aspirated from the body.

You can use VASERlipo® all over your body, including after receiving a tampa breast augmentation surgery so there is virtually no limit to the impacts this treatment can have! Expect to see results immediately, with even more dramatic progress over the course of three to four months.

  • Jowls, chin, and neck
  • Abs, hips, love handles
  • Back, buttocks, thighs
  • Arms, knees, calves, ankles

Thanks to the innovation of VASERlipo, there is no reason that you have to dread the incoming summer season. Get your treatments scheduled now with a trusted plastic surgeon, and you’ll be ready to flaunt your slim and contoured body by summer!

Does Your Insurance Company Really Care About You?

insuranceThe U.S Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit recently revived a $2.7 million bad faith claim against Geico insurance company for failing to settle an insurance dispute. It was determined that a lower court applied the wrong statute of limitations of four years instead of five. That extra year made it possible for the plaintiff to bring his case back into court.

The situation behind Geico’s bad faith claim raises an important question: does your insurance company really care about you? Their commercials are touching and persuasive, but when it comes to shelling out money after your injury, are their own interests more important?

Geico Found in Bad Faith

In 2009, a car drove by Waldemar Baranowski lost control and wrecked. The passenger, Jiri Renotierova, was thrown from the vehicle and seriously injured. Renotierova and his wife sued Baranowski, who carried a Geico policy with $10,000 per person and $20,000 per occurrence in coverage. Geico refused to settle for its policy limits, so a trial followed in 2012 in which the jury awarded more than $2.6 million in damages plus $88,000 in litigation costs.

A few years later, Baranowski filed a bad-faith complaint against Geico, claiming that the insurance company, “knew or should have known that the injuries sustained by Jiri Renotierova were of such a serious nature that, if the case were not settled, it would result in a verdict… far in excess” of Geico’s policy limits says Peter Catania, st. petersburg personal injury attorney law firm.

What Is Bad Faith Insurance?

Insurance companies have an obligation to act in good faith when handling claims. This means that your claim can’t be denied without a solid reason, and your company needs to honor the terms of your policy to help you recover from any accident or emergency. However, this doesn’t stop many insurance companies – like the Geico story above – from denying claims in order to save money. This is known as acting in bad faith.

What If Your Insurance Company Acts In Bad Faith?

If you double check that your claim wasn’t denied for a legitimate reason, such as your failure to pay premiums, and you suspect that your insurance company has acted in bad faith, begin by writing a letter to your insurance company to expose their mistakes and provide documentation to prove your point.

If that doesn’t work, hire a clearwater personal injury lawyer to begin the legal process for bad faith insurance. Many companies only need the initial threat of a lawsuit to change their tune, while others will drag the process through court. You have a chance to fight against any denied claim in order to obtain a fair settlement.  

Doors for Your Homes

Impact front-doors

Doors are the most essential thing in your home. When your dear ones come to your home, they first of all, look at your door on the entrance. A door enhances the external and internal appearance of the house. It is essential to choose a right kind of doors for your home. Many people neglect the doors of the house or just end up buying anything whatever they get for their home. There are so many options of doors for your home and you can easily choose any one of them. Look at the options below.

Glass Doors

A Glass door gives a classy look to your home. It is beautiful and looks very elegant. You can go for frosty glass doors, which is grabs everyone’s attention. There are many varieties of glass doors available in the market with various styles and shapes. These days’ fiber glasses are becoming popular and it looks so amazing with wooden frames.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are very common and many people choose wooden doors as their front door. The wooden doors are all time favorite of many people. There are many options of wooden doors with various colors and designs. You can choose any wooden door and shape then according to home décor. Wooden doors easily match with the interiors and color of the walls.

Steel Doors


Steel doors are best when you want durability and security for your homes. Steel doors look smart and stronger. They are stronger than the glass doors and wooden doors. There will be no damage to the steel doors and they last long. Steel doors also have many options from which you can choose. They protect your home like safety guards.

When you have decided about the material you are going to use for your front door then, you have to decide the type of doors you want for your home. There are various kinds of doors for your home like single acting and double acting doors, bifold doors and sliding doors. The single acting doors are the most common doors, which opens and closes from one side. You can also go for the double acting doors for your home, which opens from both the directions. Double acting doors are usually made for the interior rooms of the house.

Sliding doors are the first choice of many people.  These doors look very classy. They appear very different from other doors. Sliding doors are also very convenient to use. And bifold Doors are also very common doors. These doors have two panels and they opens from one side. These doors can be fold from the middle.

Screen Enclosures are Especially Important in Florida

Whether you live in Florida year round, travel as a snow bird, or have just visited Florida once or twice for an enjoyable beach getaway, you’re most likely familiar with the sight of large screened enclosures covering the majority of backyard pools. These structures are critical in the south for a number of reasons that enhance a homeowner’s ability to enjoy his backyard pool.

poolenclosure-1What are Screen Enclosures?

Pool enclosures are tall aluminum structures that enclose your pool in screens to protect the water, the swimmers, and all of your beautiful décor from the outside elements. They can be created and constructed in just about any size and design imaginable, so they can be perfect for any style home.

Keep Bad Weather Outside

Florida is the sunshine state, but even Floridians need some shelter from the sun. Tampa screen rooms help to offset the harsh sun while still allowing full light and comfortable warmth to come through. With a pool enclosure, wind and rain are no longer problems either because the screen provides protection.

Simplify Pool Cleaning Efforts

Pool clean up isn’t pretty in unprotected Florida pools. Bugs, leaves, dirt, frogs, and other elements of nature blow in every night and cause extra work in the morning. But tampa pool enclosures help to keep pools beautiful and clean so that you can jump in and cool off without any preparation or stress.

Avoid Bugs

Mosquitos aren’t exactly man’s best friend. Rather than sitting poolside in the late afternoon and evening swatting at your arms and legs, you can enjoy a completely bug-free zone with the help of a pool enclosure. It makes your entire swimming experience so much more enjoyable!


Rest easy knowing that your children or other neighborhood kids and pets can run around outside without gaining access to your pool and accidentally falling in. Screen enclosures make pools a much safer place and reduce the possibility of injuries.

If you’re going to invest in a pool, go all the way and invest in a pool enclosure as well!